Neon Lights.

Tucker - 16 - Dream's Capture Me.

4:26am. - Window Blinds

It’s fucking 4 In the morning.
The moon seems a little bit brighter than usual
As it peers through the slits of my blinds.
But doesn’t it do this every night?
Doesn’t the moon rise up and fall in exactly the same place every single night?
I can see the full moon through the slits in my blinds and I think wow.
Something so far away
Something so fucking far
Is having an impact on me.
Awaking me.
Just like the way that we let people do to us.
We sit and soak in sorrow
We try to block it out with blinds
But it always somehow finds a way of makings it’s way through the slits.
Mimicking the moon.
-Tucker Rowan

I don’t know.
It’s just these nights where I sit back and think about the past.
Friendships, love, it all seemed so easy.
People didn’t seem to be so artificial.
It was all ok.
But with progression, everyone had become something different then what they had anticipated.
I look back now at those nights where I’m sitting in my shower, multiple drugs in my system, letting the water run down my spine, deciphering whether or not ending my life would be beneficial.
I look back on it now and realize that we’re all going to get hurt. That’s inevitable. Pain is inevitable.
What makes us is how many times we can be hurt, feel pain, be broken, and get keep moving forward.
- Tucker Rowan 4/16/14